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For those of you who don't know me yet, join the club. I find introductions almost impossible because my likes and dislikes change like my underwear, and my personality traits are all over the place. I honestly and truly do not know how to sum myself up into one pretty little envelope and it drives me crazy. 


I'm a Mom to three spunky little ones and I'm married to the dude I've been with since I was 14. We are in the thick of it people, our house is insanely loud. Our home is my sanctuary and amidst the crumb-filled, sticky furniture I like to decorate with pretty things. I'm an extroverted introvert and a highly sensitive personality. Control freak is my middle name and I'm not proud of it. I swear too much, and I care too much. Seriously, don't hurt my f*cking feelings.

Oh wow, I sound so fun right? I promise I'm not that bad. I'm just super honest and like to kid around, so if ya wanna hear about everything and nothing all at once, stay awhile. 

- Shelby

little lakehouse mom
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