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No-Sew Bed Skirt using Canvas Drop Cloth

When I say this project is simple, I mean... do you think you could handle tearing a few fabric strips, washing them, then stapling them to your bed frame? I am a major advocate for the idea that biting off more than you can chew is a big no thanks, but I promise this project won't have you feeling like that.

This DIY is 100% easy and satisfying, 0% hard work.

This project is part two of our primary bedroom refresh, so you'll notice the lack of side tables, or any other decor for that matter, but if you're interested in seeing the rest unfold, be sure to head over to my instagram to follow along.


  1. Canvas Drop Cloth

  2. Stapler

  3. 10-14mm staples (standard 6mm will be too short)

The Process:

So it was my intention initially to bleach this drop cloth first. I don't have a top loading washer, so it was a whole thing trying a tub outside. Long story short, a jug and a half of bleach between two large bins wasn't enough to lighten it - the water was diluting it too much. If you want to bleach yours, go buy a sh*t load of bleach and feel free to try it out. It can be done, but not when you're someone like me who is not interested in wasting time repeating things.

Moving on.

This drop cloth is massive 12'x15' so you'll notice there are 2 seams (you will have three 4'x15' lengths) when you open the package. Canvas rips super easy so all you need to do is make a cut with scissors over the sewn edge, then tear the rest of the way. Yay, you now have 3 huge pieces of fabric! Wash em up on a really hot cycle and dry. You will end up with the cute frayed edges shown below by drying, but be warned, take the fabric out of the dryer immediately or it will wrinkle like crazy.

You can see I chose to leave mine semi-crinkly, but I noticed that some others will iron to get it super smooth. You'll need a super steamy iron for the job if that's what you want to do, probably even a spray bottle if you want it perfectly smooth so you can dampen it as you go in addition to using the steam setting.

After your fabric is washed and prepped to your liking, round up your stapler and some big ol' staples and get to work.

Start by laying out the fabric on your bed frame with the frayed edge on the floor. Adjust the height however you want, but typically you want it just at the floor, or slightly longer. Too short will look funny, and too long will be a hot mess. Staple the first bit near your headboard. Boom.

Now the rest is up to you. I gently bunched the fabric every 10" or so to create a slight pucker and some movement in the skirt, but you could bunch it up way more, lots of fabulous options here that will create a similar vibe. Feel free to play a little.

Alternately, you could do a flat style skirt, just keep in mind that the corner might give you some grief. You will also notice creases and wrinkles more. I'm not into making things harder than they need to be.

Staple as you go, every 6" or so should be fine, just be sure to focus on the gathered areas... they may need more than 1 staple.

Rounding the edges was fine, just adjust the fabric as you go, ensuring it's not twisted. I ended up using exactly 2 lengths of fabric and have one leftover for a future project (the headboard, ahem).

Well, I guess that's it.

Told you it would be that easy. Here's the before after one more time, swoon.


  • Some drop cloth isn't 100% cotton and some has a coating on it (great for painting, bad for using as upholstery fabric) so just be sure you are getting the correct product.

  • Most drop cloth comes in a light natural linen colour, so if you aren't into that be sure to look into bleaching (and proper ratios, duh!) if off white/cream is more suitable to your aesthetic.

Let me know what you think! Feel free to comment below if you have questions, aren't sure about something, or just need some encouragement! Until next time...



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